To embed a YouTube video in a post, follow these steps:

1. Identify the video you want to add
2. You can add a simple link to a video
3. Click “insert video button and add URL, following directions for adding YouTube post.


A friend just pointed me to Xtranormal, a site that allows users to create movies easily. I wonder whether some of you will be able to use that site — or something like it — in your projects? Why not tell your tech-writing story through cartoons or animation? or film?

Midterm Project


Before you start: pick a subject – a technical process or product that you will consider/explore/examine

Part 1: Literature Review
— First step: find at least three tech writing documents that already exist for your subject
— Second step: compare them and analyze them using criteria found in A Concise Guide to Technical Communication

Perform an analysis on each document that critiques the way it is constructed — the way it is written, designed, disseminated. What works well in the document, and what doesn’t? Does the document use images and text? How do they fit together? Does the document adhere to the principles of usability?

Required Length: roughly 1000 words/equivalent of a three page paper

Format: MLA. But posted on the blog and conceived of AS a blog post. Include links, images, screen captures, etc.


— to address the weaknesses you’ve identified in the existing documentation.
— to make use of the social web in some way, given what we’ve learned from Here Comes Everybody
— think creatively about format. This can be images only, text/images, a movie, a blog or a series of blog posts, a song, a tv show, a series of text messages, a video game, a book, a manual, a wikipedia article
— think creatively about distribution. How will you make your project available? Ideas include posting on a blog, advertising, YouTube (viral video), games

Assignment: Recreate a piece of technical writing for your chosen topic.



  • Keep working on your profile/portfolio page, particularly your links/descriptions of the Sharing Communities Project.
  • Add a Creative Commons licensed image to your page through the flickr creative commons search. Make sure you credit and link back to the photographer!!! Check the “all sizes” link to select a properly sized image
  • Reading:
    In A Concise Guide to Technical Communication: Read chapters 1 & 2 (pp. 3-34)

    Write a blog post that describes your choice of subject for our next project and describe why you have chosen it. Link to three web resources on that subject.

    Building on our discussions of instruction manuals . . . .

    1. Polish your reviews of each group and publish your review post. Remember: be respectful but constructive in your reactions and suggestions.

    2. After viewing presentations on Monday, your company has chosen its technical writing team for its new project. Which team have you chosen, and why? What were the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen team’s approach, and how did it compare to the other presentations? Write a blog post that explains your decision and your decision-making process.

    Required length: at least 3 full paragraphs.

    Read Chapter 8 of Shirky

    Continue reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. By Monday, you should have read up to Chapter 8 (p. 188).

    Sharing Communities Projects:
    Finish your wiki projects and be prepared to make short presentations about them to the class on Monday. Remember to include links, images, and screenshots.

    Blogging Assignment:
    Select one important quotation from each chapter of Shirky’s book that you’ve read so far. What, if anything, ties those quotations together? First present your quotations for each chapter, then write a paragraph describing what ties them together.