Final Paper Assignment


Please see below for your final paper assignment.

Paper Assignment:

For your final project in our “Advanced Technical Writing” class, you have just created a technical writing document that does not look like a traditional technical writing document. You have used the styles and conventions of another genre of communication to create a new kind of document.

For your final paper, which should be no less than three pages, please write reflection on your final project that addresses the following issues and questions:

* What differentiates your final project from a typical technical writing document?

* Why did you choose the particular genre of communication that you did? How did the styles and conventions of that genre affect the ways in which you conceived of and produced your project?

* In what ways (and in what new ways) does your project address and/or challenge traditional technical writing issues such as audience, style, and specialized knowledges and vocabularies? In what ways does your project challenge traditional ideas about explanation, expertise, and specialization?

Papers should be written and documented according to MLA Format. For help with various aspects of the paper writing process, please consult my teaching website.


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