Project Resources


Here are some tools to help you while you finish up your midterm projects:

Pixlr – web-based photoshop alternative.

Jing – create screencasts

Flickr Creative Commons Image Search – search for images licensed under Creative Commons – free online image creation and manipulation tool

Free Icon Sets – great, free icon designs. Make sure that you examine the license on whichever icon set you choose — you may need to give attribution if you use a set.

Image Map creator – use this to create navigation bars on wikis. On WordPress, you can use built-in page listing widgets.

— You should not break copyright! Make sure that the images you’re using are either used with permission of the creator or are licensed under Creative Commons. If you use a CC image, make sure that you fulfill the Attribution requirement of the license by giving credit to the creator of the image.

— You can use many sorts of media to create your manual. Options include videos, screencasts, wiki pages, blog posts, and others. You can create an entirely new blog devoted only to this project and you can use pages (as opposed to posts) for each section of your manual.

Remember: Have fun, be imaginative, and be creative!!h


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