Assignments for Wednesday


1. Polish your reviews of each group and publish your review post. Remember: be respectful but constructive in your reactions and suggestions.

2. After viewing presentations on Monday, your company has chosen its technical writing team for its new project. Which team have you chosen, and why? What were the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen team’s approach, and how did it compare to the other presentations? Write a blog post that explains your decision and your decision-making process.

Required length: at least 3 full paragraphs.

Read Chapter 8 of Shirky


One Response to “Assignments for Wednesday”

  1. 1 ntrev20

    hey prof. gold,
    i was trying to send an e-mail to you but couldn’t find it , i wont be able to make it to class today, I know i was supposed to take notes so maybe I can switch with somebody? I have to watch my godson since his school was cancelled, sorry. let me know, ill check the class notes and read to keep up with the class.


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