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READING 2009 Horizon Report (PDF or Web Format) BLOGGING 1. Finish constructing your class blogroll 1a. Pimp out your blog. (check out the “Appearance” link on your dashboard) 2. Begin building a list of links/blogroll to a technical subject of interest to you 3.  Comment constructively on the blog posts of at least 3 other […]

Blogrolls — lists of links on the sidebar of blogs. Blogrolls contain lists of resources or similar sites related to the subject of the blog In web environments, LINKS = CURRENCY — information as power in itself — you’re only as knowledgable as the inform ation you can access — more access you have the […]

On Wednesday, we will discuss the following question: “What is technical writing?” In preparation for that discussion, please work on the following tasks: 1. Do some web research on that question. 2. Find 3 different definitions about what technical writing is.  Find three different website resources related to the field of technical writing. 3. Write […]

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